The military is looking for recent law school graduates to join its ranks.  Pay is rather good, but not comparable to what an attorney could make as a civilian.

Wondering how much the US military pays? Continue to read on to find out what the 2013 military pay chart looks like.

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According to 2013 pay charts, the pay grade for someone with 2 or less months of service will earn around $6,000-$9,000, and that is if the solider’s rank range from O-3 to O-10. The longer a person stays in the military for, the more money they will earn. For example, a soldier who is ranked as an O-10, with more than 40 months of service can expect to get paid around $20,000, while a soldier who is ranked O-8 with more than 18 months of service will earn around $13,000.

It’s a lot more than in many countries, apart from some of the European nations who pay similar amounts.  It is interesting to check alternative army rates although you might need to use a VPN, for example use an Irish IP address to check some of the Euro rates.

As one can tell there are a few factors that play a role in how much money a soldier will earn while in the military. One of those factors is how long a soldier has served for. The longer a soldier has served, the more money they will usually make. The higher the rank, the more money the soldier will make. Soldiers who wish to earn a lot of money will want to move up in rank, as this is the best way to make more money in the military.

Another factor that plays a role in how much a person gets paid in the military is whether or not a person is doing basic training. Usually the pay is just enough to get by in life, and once a person has completed basic training, they will go on to to become full-fledged soldiers, which means more money for them.