It has been an interesting few days for legal matters here in the United States hasn’t it?

First, President Obama has said explicitly that he still wants to close Guantanamo Bay. If you remember his original campaign almost 8 years ago, he talked about the need to improve our image in the world and to live up to the highest standards of the United States, which in part means closing Gitmo.  Part of the ongoing issue there is that the prisioners are currently staging a hunger strike which is causing Americans to force feed them, which in itself is considered a form of torture by most governments around the world.

Secondly, three additional people involved with the attack on the Boston marathon have been brought into custody for destroying evidence. I have a hard time believing that any college student who was not involved in any way, would destroy a suspects laptop don’t you?  What is there to gain by that action?  I would have never done that as a student for one of my roomate’s.