For the last decade or so (depending on which country/state you live in) smokers have been on the losing side in the legal battle which dictates where they have a right to light up. It’s not difficult to see why society has decided to curtain the freedom of those who enjoy the smoking of tobacco leaves, the fumes given off as they partake in their habit is as lethal to those around as it is to themselves. Regular citizens should have the right to go about their lives without endangering their health and that of their children. Unfortunately though the same people who went after tobacco are now gunning for those who have made the sensible switch to the pastime known as vaping.

Vaping is the act of using a personal vaporizer product which delivers nicotine to the user without burning any leaves, which massively reduces the number of chemicals inhaled into the bloodstream. Vapors, as they are known, relish the fact that they can continue their nicotine habit without the health dangers associated with the cigarettes they once used. They also boast about the fact they are now able to enjoy their habit in public places where smoking has been banned, and without causing harm to those around them.

With vaping being seen as generally safe why has it become a target for anti-smoking groups and government agencies? According to Ric from “it’s becuase cigarettes have not been designed as a stop smoking product in the way patches, gums and inhalers have. They are viewed by users as a replacement for tobacco which can be used over the long term. The fact that they are a harm reduction product is bizarrely ignored in the crusade to ban anything which might be seem to encourage nicotine addiction.”

Hopefully with time the eyes of the law will realize the mistake it is making in trying to regulate electronic smoking devices as a drug product which needs to be controlled or banned altogether. The health of hundreds of millions of people depends on them making the right decision.