Most teachers don’t enter the profession for money, in fact in most countries many would agree that the profession is extremely underpair for the responsibilities involved. However technology and the internet is changing the face of education and the pioneers are actually making rather a lot of money whilst enjoying the profession they love.

Take for example a freelance web developer called Victor Bastos, who was working as a freelance Web developer in Lisbon.  He was doing ok, but only earning around $20k a year, when he started posting instructional videos on YouTube.  The idea was to help him keep up to date in the several programming languages he had picked up.  Creating the videos kept his skills up to date whilst obviously providing a useful learning resource for people trying to learn the same skills.  It was he said little more than an online notebook.

But Victor found that his channel was getting very popular with regular subscriptions, people kept asking him to extend the courses.  It was an idea that he considered but only when he got an email from the online learning organisation – Udemy – that he really took it seriously.

The company broadcast online courses created from professionals all across the world. The organisation then charge students for taking the course, through their platform which allows for interaction, updates and notes on the video learning courses. They were a huge success for Victor Bastos and he soon updated his courses and raised the price to $199.

His courses provide a one stop shop to becoming a web developer, with a series of over 220 video lectures all included in the price.  Individuals all across the world can enjoy a first class education in  the subject sitting at their PC or mobile device.  The Udemy platform is available to all and there’s no reason to have to use IP cloaking devices to access their content. Where you would often need sites and applications like these to enable VPNs and proxies –, to connect to some educational teaching resources, with Udemy you just need to be able to pay the fee.

In 18 months he has earned close to $500,000 from his online courses, a significant increase in his previous salaries.  In fact Udemy have stated that it’s top ten instructors have earned well over $5 million in revenue since they started up just under a couple of years ago.  At the moment the focus is on technical and IT based skills but there’s no real reason that has to stay  the same.  The platform is suitable for any course which can be delivered via a video format – which essentially includes pretty much any subject.