According to BBC News, the UK government has just announced that from July 2013, the Police will have more powers to combat ’anti social’ driving without taking members of the public to court.  In order to beat the bureaucracy, the Police will now be able to issue more on the spot fines for driving offences such as using a mobile phone whilst driving, staying in the middle lane for long periods on a motorway and other offences such as tailgating and pushing into traffic.

The news has been welcomed by many road users, who currently follow the rules but for other people (i.e. those who continuously flaunt the rules), they feel that the UK is becoming more of a nanny state and that Police will become too heavy handed with the fines.  These fines can be up to £100 payable at the roadside, although they can still be challenged in court if the member of the public feels that they have been unfairly treated. One member of the public, Miss Pauline Nelson commented “It is about time something was done to combat these people who think that dangerous driving is acceptable.  Being in control of a motor vehicle is a responsibility that everyone must take seriously.”

Whilst large motoring organisations such as the AA and RAC, along with the Road Safety Analysis Research Group, have welcomed the new laws, the Institute Of Advanced Motorists believes that the on the spot fines will make motorists feel as though these are not serious laws that are actually ore about road safety than increasing the coffers.