There are a host of lawyers all standing by, just in case the election ends in some sort of legal challenge.  Many are predicting their own particular favorite nightmare scenario, however consider this one – Florida or Ohio simply too close to be called – and thousands of provisional or absent ballot papers not yet processed.

There is a definition here that is useful – the ’margin of litigation’ regarding all these outstanding votes.  Simply stated it means that the difference between Obama and Romney, must be much less than the outstanding votes.  Obviously the State concerned is also crucial.

Any of the real crucial, pivotal states would be a problem.  Whatever happens there is no doubt that lawyers and official are ready for events like this.  You don’t run campaigns with these sort of costs without having a shed load of lawyers at the ready.  The last big legal battle over the presidency was the Bush versus Gore battle which was ultimately decided in the US Supreme court.

To back these lawyers up, both campaigns are keeping their own eye on the incidents and counts taking place.  Obama’s guys have a computerised system which tracks these events.  Producing reports and the ability to inform key campaign officials quickly.  Romney’s teams also have an advanced incident response unit, this is based on specially designed smartphone apps which allow people to report any voting issue wherever they may occur.  These may even use VPns and proxies much like the one’s described here which show how a VPN on Ipad works.

This technology allows them to keep track on all sorts of voters, even those who are currently abroad and voted by post or proxy.  It demonstrates how global the world is when you can sit in a bar on the Costa Del Sol, watching BBC iplayer in Spain whilst voting in the US elections!

Almost everyone agrees that if litigation does happen it is likely to be focussed on either Florida or Ohio.  The reasons will probably be due to absentee or provisional votes those which are verified after the election is closed.