While the men and women in the US military do not risk their lives for money, they do need to be compensated fairly.  For this reason, a military pay chart is released every year.  This chart outlines the basic pay and allowances that military staff are entitled to in the given year.

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In order to understand the chart, readers must understand the following codes:

  • E –  Enlisted.  These soldiers are the front line staff during military operations.
  • W –  Warrant Officers are people who specialize in a particular defense function.
  • O –  Commissioned officers are the highest ranking personnel.  A university degree is required for this position.

O stands for Commissioned Officers – in ascending order of rank.

Both rank and length of service effect’s a soldier’s pay.  Aside from pay, 2014 military pay chart outlines a number of special allowances.  These payments vary depending on what function the officer performs. For instance, people who work in submarines get additional compensation.

Remember though the money seems great but it’s a tough job, and you can’t just sit around watching videos on Netflix for hours.  The training and discipline is not for everyone, but it can be a rewarding career.  Every officer is entitled to a few basic allowances.  These allowances are for housing, family separation, clothing and subsistence.

When push comes to shove, people do not sign up for the military because the pay is good.  They join because they want to serve their country and do something remarkable with their lives.  However, being well-paid is a perk.  As most officers do not have housing and food expenses, they can save a large amount of money while they are in service.  This will help their family considerably in the future.

James Williams

Independant Author/Correspondent at BBC iPlayer Ireland