It’s happened already in many European countries with some success. The target are people who download porn for free from the internet – by anyone’s estimate a substantial number! But this month, around 30,000 German households who have downloaded specific pornographic movies from the RedTube web site will be getting a rather alarming letter in the mail.

It’s basically a demand for recompense for downloading their pornographic movies without paying for them. The numbers are quite small scale but are still on a par with a similar action that took place in the UK a couple of years ago. The demands are little more than targeted threats against the unfortunate individual who pays the internet charge.

What will happen I suspect is that there will be lots of people who will fight these actions, well at least I hope so. The parents, or even grandparents who are presented with legal threats and demands simply because they pay the ISP fees shouldn’t be held accountable for anyone using their internet connection.

Of course piracy is to be deplored, but I suspect people will eventually take these minor steps to prevent themselves tracked down for such a trivial offence. Watch this video and combine it with your download/torrent/dodgy FTP server technique and you’ll be fine.

Here’s a link – and from the goodness of my heart a video……Seriously use something like this…

It will be an important legal precedent for Europe.

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