I travelled out to the USA to study law from Scotland and I have to say I absolutely love it here. from the sports to the cities I think it is great and the colleges are fantastic.

I did get a bit homesick but I got some Irn Bru and Scottish iPhone cases sent out to me so I feel a bit better, in fact some of my friends are coming out for a visit in a few weeks so it will be great to show them all these amazing places.

I feel like I am learning so much as well and have a part time job/apprentice ship in a small law firm close by so I am gaining some practical knowledge and getting some experience so when it comes time for me to start applying for jobs I will have a head start. The partners that own the firm are great guys to and have taken me out to the baseball a few times. I just wish we could be so into our sports over in the UK as it breeds a great atitiude among the people I have met over here in the states, competetive but fair and people always give 100%.