Lawyers serve a valuable purpose in keeping people honest.  As consumers, imagine how hard it would be for us to buy products if we had no assurance that the manufacturers and retailer were truthful about what they sold – or if we had no means of legal recourse if a product were to cause us harm!

While some firms will always misrepresent their products, the fear of lawsuits helps keep the level of this activity in check.  Let’s take as an example refrigerators.  Picture a new model of refrigerator hitting the market – now imagine what an imaginative firm might say about it.

“This new refrigerator will keep food from rotting for months at a time.  If you eat food from this fridge you will stay and look young forever”

In years gone these snake oil salesmen like claims were common, but if someone wrote refrigerator reviews making claims like this now there would be trouble!  Assume for a minute that someone believed these claims and purchased the products based on them.

A few weeks later there is a tragic news story about a family dying of food poisoning after eating chicken left sitting in their refrigerator for 3 weeks.  They thought it was safe, because their refrigerator review literature said it was ok to do this.

Once word of this spread around Lawyers would come out of the wood work to assure justice was served for the families’ relatives.  They would file suit to claim damages for those left behind.  Of course, they would not do this out of the goodness of their heart – the Lawyers would be in it for a chunk of the settlement money – but nevertheless, if there was a solid case it would get pursued.

Fear of claims like this are what keep product manufacturers from being too outrageous in their claims – particularly if their mistruths could lead to personal injury of fatalities.

So while it is fashionable in some circles to have nothing good to say about lawyers, the profession does serve a valuable purpose that people sometimes overlook.