The iPhone is increasingly becoming one of the must have gadgets in the modern world. Not only is it stylish but also functional. The iPhone has many features designed for the modern professional and even better you can download applications that specifically assist you in your area of specialization. With the busy schedule of a lawyer, you can increase the efficiency of your iPhone using the top rated iPhone apps for lawyers. Below is a short description of the most important Lawyer’s Free iPhone 5 apps.

Pocket lawyer- This is one of the best iPhone apps in regards to legal issues we have on the market today. As its name suggests, you have a mobile lawyer with you. The application offers all the information you need to know about common crimes. You get to know exactly the sentence of the crime and the exact source of the information.

The FBI hand book- This application offers you information on some of the FBI investigation procedures and this places you in a good position if you have to battle with them in a courtroom. Even if you aren’t a criminal lawyer, you may come across a case involving the FBI and it’s better to have some information on some of their operations.

The cliff Maier reference apps- These apps are very helpful when it comes to finding a reference in the middle of a legal battle. There is no need to go about checking for reference the old fashioned way with large legal books. These apps help lawyers to access references such as the constitution, the NY CPL, Patent rules and many others.

Finally, you need to have the case date which is an important app that keeps your entire client’s information in one place. You may be overwhelmed going through paperwork trying to find out which case should be handled at what time especially if you are working with numerous clients.