Lawyers are everywhere and it can be successfully argued that they play much too big a part in our society. Our health care system, for instance, is collapsing on itself much because of lawyers and people who sue doctors for extravagant amounts of money. Even in the stock market, where we recently had a botched Facebook IPO, investors have sued the NASDAQ exchange and other entities trying to get money back. So many people were trying to buy Facebook stock and it got so much publicity that something went wrong and the end result is that lawyers get involved. Crazy!

Another example is the upcoming general election in the United States. Both sides have an army of lawyers waiting to pounce should they be needed in a close election. In the Bush – Kerry election, lawyers played a pivotal role in deciding the final outcome. One can honestly ask why this is happening and how it can all be stopped?

People today are very aggressive. It seems they are much more aggressive and angry than they were in years past and thus the “need” for lawyers. Since everyone is ready to sue at a moments notice, it has become a situation where you might have to employ a lawyer just to defend yourself. Our society is fractured and increasingly people are using lawyers to try to hurt others under the guise of protecting their rights. 

Of course most lawyers love it as it all means more business for them. Our law schools turn out more lawyers than ever before and in the end it all sucks money out of our economy with nothing being gained. Ultimately it is not the lawyers fault as much as it is our fault, our whole societies fault that this is happening in the first place.