The Welsh assembly are desperately trying to improve educational standards in Wales.  However there are multiple issues which seem to be causing problems.  The latest is the delay in implementing a new mentor system that was designed to help new teachers.  The scheme was supposed to take place this school year but six months in and no mentors have been appointed at all.

As a teacher who used to work in Wales the education policies for my home country fill me with worry.  There seems to be an endless stream of plausible sounding policies and initiatives.  Yet for each one there seems to be a problem or obstacle to stop it.  Prior to this scheme there was another one which provided funding for schools to appoint their own mentors to help new teachers but again this was scrapped in 2012.

New teachers are in a very vulnerable position, it can be a very stressful time and many teachers drop out after their qualification.  The investment in these young teachers is then lost and who knows what is the impact on the pupils of a stressed and struggling new teacher.

The Welsh government seem to be good at coming up with initiatives but little skill at implementing them.  It is imperative that mentors are recruited in order to help teachers in there vital first year.  There is some mentoring being implemented but this is only due to the schools themselves taking the initiatives, they are providing mentoring from head teachers withing individual schools.  This unfortunately is not a solution and is certainly not being implemented across the board.

More and more teachers will drop out without doubt unless this is not corrected.  I haven’t taught in Wales for ten years now and in fact I am online able to keep up with events through the internet.  I am able to watch the UK and Welsh news through using this site – which helps me watch British TV on the internet from abroad.

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