There has just been an astonishing report released by the State Funded – People’s Public Security University.  It’s actually quite surprising to see any sort of information being released by China about internet crime in the first place never mind the actual content.

It was written by various experts from the University and is based on well over 100,000 cases that were reported over the last year in China.  The report recognised that this is likley to be only a fraction of the actual crimes that have taken place as many are simply not reported.

The main threats inlcued fraud, pyramid selling and the theft of personal information for criminal purposes.  Like many police forces across the world, the Chinese authorities have found that investigating and solving online crimes are particularly difficult.   The sheer scale of the problem in China though is much worse than at first estimated.  The report found that nearly one in three online shoppers had either become a victim of some online fraud or had encountered phishing emails or websites.  The estimated loss of these crimes was over 30 billion yen.

China has more internet users than any place on the planet, well over 500 million users active online.  One of the areas that the Chinese government cite as an issue is the lack of legal support in order to fight these crimes.  This is where many people would beging to perhaps worry about this state funded report, as it strengthens China’s position on introducing new laws on the use of the internet.

China heavily censors and filters the internet feed to it’s citizens and recently introduced new laws regarding persona information proetction.  The worry is that these laws could also be used to monitor peoples activities online.  Many Chinese value their anonymity online from both the criminals and the State.  There are many Chinese who invest in security software and VPNs to obscure their identity and location online like this video demonstrates –

Thanks to Youtube for this video – it’s hosted here – How to Set up a VPN on an iPad
This technology also allows the Chinese surfers access to many sites which are usually blocked by the infamous Great Firewall of China.  However the state is heavily investing in technology to block the use of these security programs.