Road trips are exhilarating and popular for many reasons, for one they allow you to explore foreign countries and visit many different regions and culture in a relatively short space of time. However many people forget to complete one major task before setting off, arguably the most important thing to do before embarking on your journey, and that is to familiarise themselves  with the motoring laws of the countries that they are visiting. Rules that may seem bizarre to us still need to be observed.


For example, in Estonia it is a legal requirement to carry two wheel chocks at all times to be used when your car is stationary to stop free rolling. Similarly, a new law has been passed in France that prohibits drivers from using the speed camera alert on their satellite navigation systems. These rules may appear somewhat strange to us, but the last thing that you want to do is get a fine, or worse, for failing to adhere them.

Travel writers often document their journeys for others to read about and share their experiences, and I can guarantee that many of these writers have become victims of weird road laws because they simply did not research the destination before they left.