For many months, illegal immigration from Mexico has really flared up to become a hot topic of debate in this country. On the one hand, there is the extreme political left that seems to welcome illegals with open arms and touts that the United States is a country of immigrants and that if you disagree with their standpoint, you are racist. On the other hand, there is the extreme political right that would not seem to mind seeing every one of them thrown in jail and the key tossed in the trash. And of course, in the middle of these two hands lie a number of compromise solutions and probably the majority of Americans.

As for my viewpoint, I am outraged by those who attempt to justify the actions taken by those who enter the country illegally. If my ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Poland, and so on, attempted to enter the country illegally, they would have been deported without any doubt. Allowing people to enter the country illegally is an insult to all past and present immigrants that came here to live the American Dream legally. When I shared this statement with an African-American friend who graduated from Stritch not too long ago and who adheres to the extreme leftist ideology on this issue, I was told that I was being a racist. How is this racist? Is it because I just happen to be a male descending from Anglo-Saxon ancestry? Perhaps if my friend had said this, it would not be racist? I don’t know. That is a whole other debate. Personally, I think the sympathizers of the illegals try to make it a racial issue when they know that they are losing the argument.

In any case, this issue has nothing to do with race. Ideally, it should have nothing to do with petty politics either. I see the issue as only being a matter of law, which is separate from politics. This issue has everything to do with respect for our laws and for equal justice for everyone under those laws. It does not matter if a person came here illegally from Mexico, Ireland, Canada, or anywhere else in the world. The law is the law.

Speaking of laws, sympathizers of the illegals should consider this one question: “Would you like it if someone trespassed on your property and left it vandalized?” Many ranchers just beyond the U.S. side of the border have had their fences and other property damaged or destroyed because some sociopath doesn’t really give a damn about somebody else’s property & damage. Many report missing items as well. So, not only are they breaking the law by crossing illegally, but they are breaking countless other laws along the way dealing in such areas as trespassing, vandalism, larceny, and so on. Food for thought.