To live in a place like home can only be felt and experience in the locality wherein you will experience the solemnity, tyroler kostume and serendipity. However, it remains questionable because of the dirty politics we usually overheard on the news and even read on the newspapers. Where is the peaceful society that the law promulgated in order to have a progressive society? There are a lot of questions these days and even from the past years remained unanswered. There are also society issues that remained unquestionable because the society is afraid to voice out what they really felt because of fear. Many countries today were having a conflict just because of some people who are actually the culprit of the fights against nations. The dream of having a progressive, Oktoberfest kostumer and well-developed society under the law remained false. Truthfully, we have some nations who are under republic and democratic nations who are having trouble on how to make their nation progressive with the right leaders. We would touch lots of areas in here and let us not only blame the law. We should put into our minds that we chose our leaders to govern the society. This means that both law and society will be all together. 


Law has no definition universally accepted but it is a term which is a system or guidelines, rules and regulations enforced with social institutions to directly govern behavior. For democratic nations and Oktoberfest kostumer, they have their elections in order to choose their leaders to be assigned on governing the people to build a just and humane society. Therefore, people should not waste their votes during elections on selecting the right leader. But the only problem is on the society which is voted buying is like an epidemic that spreads not just on single area but almost the whole nation which is very wrong. Thus, people should not blame leaders because they are actually the ones who put them on their position. 


The society is actually the people who are living in a specific area. Humanity experienced development because of a developing nation and that is because of the works of the leaders who are promulgating the law. The law promulgated by the chosen leaders of the society should be respected and followed before we can achieve a progressive, tyroler kostume and developing nation. But how we can achieve this if we don’t cooperate to the leaders through following simple rules and guidelines being presented?

If we all want the best for our nation, it should be started in us. We chose our leaders thus, we respect them. But this does not mean that we would not do anything if we know that they are doing wrong. The development of the nation is actually in the hands of the law and the society. If both cooperated in a truthful ways, a progressive nation is not difficult to achieve. Law and society will always be connected onto each other. No law is promulgated without the society. The society will not develop as well without the law guiding them.