The idea of the generalist is certainly a new one.  In previous generations you weren’t expected to excel at everything.  Athletes were expected to be well, athletes and probably would need some extra classroom help.  The math kids didn’t do as well in English.  The science kids didn’t do great in history.  All that has changed though over the past few years, we now expect the kid who might only end up taking over his dad’s gift basket business to excel at everything: math, science, history, friends, family, sports etc.  The era of the generalist is upon us.

For teachers, what does that mean?  Partially it means that we need to be generalists as well right?  I mean, we now expect elementary school teachers who teach the same 30 or so kids all day, every day to teach algebra which only a generation ago was thought to require an advanced math degree to be understood well enough to be taught correctly.