With web design pricing reaching record lows, the web has spawned the birth of communities and start-ups across the globe. This couldn’t be truer than the online education industry which has exploded due to the proliferation of online universities, with record amounts of students enrolling into online degree programs and auxiliary services that service these education providers. This sudden growth is due in part to two reasons:

1.Learning just got a whole lot easier: High bandwidth as well as powerful computers makes learning accessible but more importantly, interactive. The sharing of best practices and industry insights from learners across the world give the online learner a distinctive advantage over local learners.

2.Learning just got a whole lot cheaper: No brick and mortar locations and firce competition means lower tuition fees for online learners.

3.Technology: This goes hand in hand with point one. The growth of HTML5 and cloud technology gives a distinct, engaging experience that is more “social”. 

These online tools gives teachers like us a wide breadth of options to better educate others while giving us more opportunity to innovate and provide new services that were previously unavailable to us due to cost constraints. The future of education for both learners and educators has never been so bright.