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Month: February 2014

Law And Society: How The Public Deals With It

When we are going to read some newspapers, magazines and even watch on the televisions about how the public deals with the law and the society, we always hear many changes. Changes are the new law implemented, how the society change and how people deals on the government. It is so much disappointing that there are government don’t do their part and job. They don’t stand as being the leader and don’t use their position properly. When we tackle about the government, it is expected that we can discuss on how they govern the society. Of course, if you are on the position as the leader, you need to be responsible enough to do your job and serve the public. But, we always hear bad news about these government officials who are not doing their responsibilities to serve the public. They only focus on their power as being the leader. They all think that the people should follow whatever they say. The online kostumer concluded that the law must be promulgated for the welfare of the state and must be answering all the public’s needs and rights.

The public’s needs and rights must be protected by the government officials. They are elected and placed on their positions to serve people. Once government officials are placed on their positions, they need to start planning for the development of the society. This comes that they have to promulgate a particular law stating about rules and regulations that must be followed by the people for the better of the society. The law and society should always connect with each other. Whatever rules and regulations listed on the law should always result for the better of the society. Changes are expected in a society once the promulgated law for the better of the nation is being followed. However, online kostumer will provide good benefits when it comes on the society. Most people approve that we have rules in the society to secure people and stay everybody on the same page.

Any promulgated law should be followed by the society and this is for the better. For example, there are rules and regulations implemented like “No smoking”, this sign is very important to be followed by the society. Of course, the government did not out the sign with no reasons. Indeed, there is a big reason why they prohibit the place for that particular bad habit. Being the society, we must all agree on the law declared by the government as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. The government had their purposes and reasons why they are putting signs. Let us say putting stop signs, if everyone follows to stop, no one gets hurt and this is for safety and protection for the society. The society needs the law for the better. Therefore, the law must be followed and respected to have a well-developed nation. Cooperation is very important when talking about law and society. Once the people follow the law or any rules and regulations, we are sure enough that we have developing society.






Is it Legal to Change Your IP Address?

Can you believe this question? It’s a sad state of affairs when ordinary people think that a simple technical tweak is somehow a criminal act. To keep this post ‘child friendly’ – I’ll restrict my expletive to FFS !!!! Most of us on the internet will know what that means.

So why is the question so incredibly silly but also kind of worrying. The silly bit is, that in many cases you have very little leeway in changing your IP address. Sure you can mess around with your internal IP address, but that’s not terribly important. On a global scale it’s about the same as deciding what sort of computer you use, or what size monitor you sit in front of.

Your IP address is assigned by your ISP, and here’s where the worrying bit comes into play. Why would people worry about changing it anyway? It’s purely because of control, companies, governments and the establishment would prefer we all kept our assigned IP address. It’s used to monitor what we do, log our activities and block what we see based on political or commercial preferences.

The above video is entitled IP address changing software. It’s computer software, with a completely legitimate purpose, internet security. Sure it also stops your government, agencies and corporate giant spying and monitoring you, but it breaks no laws. Seriously if all you do is surf, then the fact that you watched that Victoria Secrets Video seven times is nothing to do with the Government.

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