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Month: September 2013

The Law And Society – How These Two Get Connected

A group of people or community is the society. If you are getting puzzled on what is a society, then you must realize that you by yourself are a part of the society. You can never be called a place as a society if there are no people living in there. The people who are living in a community are actually the society. In a society, there must be a law provided by the leaders to be followed and to live with peace and order. Living a society with peace and order would assure that the community will progress. If we try to check on many communities today, we might discover that lots of them are still not developed. The reason is because of the leaders who are not doing their part and also the society who are not following the leaders. We might hear a lot of complains from the society like they are not governed rightfully by their leaders but they forget to do their part. To have a well-developed society, the leaders are not only the responsible but the society as well. Pris fra tagsten is a site that would explain how law and society connected with each other and how they interact with each other.

Dreaming to live a peaceful community, we have to follow the law implemented by the leaders. Of course, we have to make sure first that the law being implemented would help on the development of the society. We must have to take the reality that there are leaders in the society who are assigned to lead and must be followed to achieve a society with peace and unity. Many people are always murmuring on how and when the society will develop. But, they forget to think and ask themselves, do they cooperate on the leaders? Leaders will always be the leaders and as a society, we are obliged to follow the rules and regulations or the law being said in order to live a peaceful life. Pris Tagsten would help a society develop and to let everyone open their eyes on the reality. Reality bites, as a leader in a society, you must do your part righteously. 

Pris Tagsten plays an important role when it comes on peace and unity of the society such as nyt tag. The law and society would always be together as they are connected with its other. A law being implemented for the society and the society needs to follow the law being implemented. A law would be useless with the absence of the society. A society would never be progress if there is no law implemented to be followed. A society would always have a law being implemented as it serves as its guide to live a peace and order community. It is so much admiring to live a society with peace and unity. Aside from that, a developed society would assure that the community will live life with no problems and dilemmas. Law and society must be together to have a peaceful community and peaceful world.     


Source: Priser Tagsten

Google Fights UK Privacy Lawsuit

It’s interesting to see how different nations perceive privacy and security issues online.  There are many legal cases happening around the world centering on these issues, including a potentially important one in the United Kingdom.   The law suit has been brought by a group of UK Apple users who have claimed that their browser data was siphoned off by the Search engine giant.

The specific users all used the Safari browser last year up until February 2012, where they had set up their security preferences to stop websites setting cookies and customising their preferences.  It is claimed that Google bypassed these settings, and using a cookie customised the browser to display relevand adverts.

The adverts were of course adsense blocks which are displayed in the upper part of search engine results and also blocks displayed on web sites which use Google Ads to generate additional income.  The company initially faced legal action in the US where a consortium successfully sued the company over the very same issue.  The case sparked an investigation by the US federal Trade Commission which fined Google about 20 million dollars.  Many were very annoyed at the level of the fine which is a fairly trivial amount considering the privacy issues concerned and the size of the company.

The case however did raise awareness and inspired the group of British Apple users to open this seperate case in the UK courts.  The legislation and the case centered around the UKs very strict and mature data protection laws.  However the defence for the giant is always that – EU privacy rules don’t apply to  the company as it is based in the US. It obviously has important repurcussions for all aspects of the internet if a company can simply disregard national rules simply based on it’s location.

The awareness has of course help to improve people’s online habits regarding their online privacy and anonymity – sites like this providing information and links to various tools and privacy software are appearing every day.  There is no doubt that the commercialisation  of the internet is leading many companies to become increasingly aggressive in using location and personal data.  On the same site linked above you can see a page on how VPN software is used to bypass geo blocks to enable users watching BBC Iplayer in Spain for example.

Engaging Social Users

More and more it is becomgin easier to engage with like minded people on social networks. When getting a message across though, it still helps to have some advertising as a platform to draw a potential audience in. With Facebook taking the helm on using apps as a form of integration, we’ve come to see that maybe its now time to get in to designing some sort of mini games that users would like to play and potentially see as a positive to be more involved.

We looked around and found this useful blog all about how these apps push data to users and act as a sort of counter to see how engaged users are.Just imagine the possibilities when you consider that these small and usually quick games are keeping users occupied for a lot longer than a simple message or tweet. we think now is a great time to look around and see what developers out there are looking at this level of app development and taking their lead. If it’s paying off for big brands, then the smaller voices can be heard too.

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