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Cycling and the Law


Cycling is a great activity whether you are doing it professionally or recreationally. It can provide a great adrenaline rush, help to improve your mood, or be the ideal way to relax. However, with the rise of traffic accidents recently, it is also important to familiarise yourself with the rules of the road and the complex cycling laws.

For example, if you are cycling in the UK, you must ride with lights, one red on the rear and one white on the front, fixed, working, and operating on your bike during the hours of darkness. It is an offence if you do not. Also, it is an offence to ride on a public footpath that does not have a dedicated cycle lane, but it is possible to cycle on a bridleway. It is rules such as this that make it difficult to become comfortable with the different laws that govern cycling.

Similarly, if you go cycling abroad, it is vitally important that you find the rules and acquaint yourself with these before you start out on your bike.

Of course, many of the accidents that occur on our roads are not always caused by cyclists acting in a negligent way. It can be that another road user has jeopardised your safety by not paying attention, for example, a driver not checking their mirrors before changing lanes. It can be helpful to familiarise yourself with the rules of the road for other users just in case you feel yourself needing to rely on these in the event of an accident.  

Be sure to check out the relevant laws, it will pay off in the long run.

Lack of Support for New Teachers

The Welsh assembly are desperately trying to improve educational standards in Wales.  However there are multiple issues which seem to be causing problems.  The latest is the delay in implementing a new mentor system that was designed to help new teachers.  The scheme was supposed to take place this school year but six months in and no mentors have been appointed at all.

As a teacher who used to work in Wales the education policies for my home country fill me with worry.  There seems to be an endless stream of plausible sounding policies and initiatives.  Yet for each one there seems to be a problem or obstacle to stop it.  Prior to this scheme there was another one which provided funding for schools to appoint their own mentors to help new teachers but again this was scrapped in 2012.

New teachers are in a very vulnerable position, it can be a very stressful time and many teachers drop out after their qualification.  The investment in these young teachers is then lost and who knows what is the impact on the pupils of a stressed and struggling new teacher.

The Welsh government seem to be good at coming up with initiatives but little skill at implementing them.  It is imperative that mentors are recruited in order to help teachers in there vital first year.  There is some mentoring being implemented but this is only due to the schools themselves taking the initiatives, they are providing mentoring from head teachers withing individual schools.  This unfortunately is not a solution and is certainly not being implemented across the board.

More and more teachers will drop out without doubt unless this is not corrected.  I haven’t taught in Wales for ten years now and in fact I am online able to keep up with events through the internet.  I am able to watch the UK and Welsh news through using this site – which helps me watch British TV on the internet from abroad.

Additional Update – For iPad users – use this link

Moving Advice

Obviously when you are moving house you will need to get legal advice and representation to make sure everything goes through correctly, the same can be said when you are selling your house. The process can be difficult and stressful enough so making sure you have good legal advice is extremely important in putting your mind at ease.

It is just as important to endure you have a high quality estate agent ensuring that you have the best opportunity of selling your property as well as looking out for the kind of property that you want to put a considerable investment into and call your home. Indeed, it is an exciting time for many whether it is your first property or you have been through it all before but it can all turn sour without the right people in place.

Mistakes can be made but when it comes to property mistakes tend to be extremely costly which is why people tend to do a bit of research and look for recommendations before deciding on the people that will help them through this complicated time. Making sure you can look back on the process without regret is something that most people will be happy with.


Stressed Out Lawyers Should Take Up Gardening


If you’re a lawyer, you probably know that you were going to be taking the career path of one of the most stressful jobs. The job of a lawyer is quite difficult, and can be a hassle, even though the pay can be very rewarding. What you can do to lower your stress of your job as a lawyer is to take up gardening. Silly, right? Well, it truly can do wonders for your stress, as it’s one of the activities that can be very relaxing.




If you have the spare money to do so, it would be beneficial to look into greenhouse gardens. With a greenhouse garden you’re in full control of the atmosphere and the environment for your plants. This means that it doesn’t really matter what plants, fruit or vegetables you want to grow, because the atmosphere of the greenhouse garden is all yours to control. Not only that, you’ll have an escape from the outside world where you can be truly at peace and forget about all of your duties as a lawyer for at least a couple of hours.


 Whether it’s a greenhouse garden or a normal garden, the activity of gardening can help you be at peace when you need it the most. There’s just something about tending to plants and interacting with Mother Nature that’s soothing for a lot of people. The plants will be like your own offspring, as you care and nurture for them until they grow for you and provide you with nutrients and food.


 If you decide to plant your plants within a greenhouse, then you’ll shield them from problems like rough weather, such as storms and hurricanes, and also serious seasonal pest infestations. Protect your plants better within a greenhouse garden, and allow yourself to a getaway from the day’s troubles.


 The greenhouse garden is also an optimal environment for growing plants. You’ll enhance the growth of whatever you decide to plant, as you can give it whatever level of heat and water vapors you need to maintain their warmth and humidity. By taking this up as a hobby, you’ll be responsible for the death or life of your plants, and you’ll have something to emotionally invest in that doesn’t involve the personal lives of others. Lawyers know that they need a hobby or two to cope with their stressful job, and this is one of the healthiest hobbies out there. It will definitely keep you away from some hobbies that you may develop that you didn’t want to in the first place.Find a good selection of greenhouses at


 One of the best things about a greenhouse garden or gardening in general is observing the growth of your plants. You’ll be proud to know that you had a hand in the successful growth of your plants, and feel better about yourself because you’re contributing to a healthier environment that’s usually overrun by carbon dioxide and fossil fuels.

So, if you’re a lawyer, consider taking up the hobby of gardening. You more than likely won’t regret it.


The Web Design Pricing of Educational Websites for Doctors


Becoming a doctor is not easy. After they have graduated from college with a medical degree, they will have to pass an exam to become licensed medical practitioners. They also need to specialize in medicine, and that specialization will take years to complete. In addition to all that, doctors also have to be constantly aware of current advances in medicine. You can help in their education by putting up an informational website, although the web design pricing will be influenced by the scope of your site’s coverage.

An Educational Assistance Site for Those Reviewing for the Medical Boards

There are many fresh graduates studying for the medical boards—different states often give their own tests for those who want to practice inside their borders—and your site can either give information which can help everyone on a general level or information specific to a particular state board exam. Such assistance can help students prepare for the state medical board exams more effectively, and also has the fortunate side effect of producing better doctors as well. Sample tests may increase the web design pricing, but they can prove invaluable in educating future doctors.

Current Events Monitor

Your site can also help doctors who are already licensed by making sure that they are apprised of all notable news concerning their particular specialty and in medicine in general. Doctors traditionally read medical journals for this type of news, but doing so often takes a lot of time. Your site can save doctors precious time by featuring links to various important articles in one page. The web design pricing may depend on how many specialties your site will focus on as part of its service.

Linking Economics to the study of Law


As is the case in the link between Cordyceps and holistic health, the relationship between law and economics goes far beyond what many people know. The principle understanding here is that law influences economics, as is it does in most disciplines, but the fundamental question here is-does economics influence law? The scope of economics is factored around the socio-economic ethos of any particular society. The elements of these societies are then magnified through global trade and other factors that see this country interact with other economies of scale.

The industrial structure of a country is known to have a direct impact on the shape of policies based on the strength of the specific economic institutions. The verdict here is; economics, when put in perspective, forms the basis of the study of law, by any stretch of the imagination. Policy instruments are all shaped by economic factors, and it takes its principles of practice from the study of law as a significant influencing factor.

An example of a similar kind of link would be, as earlier mentioned, the study of nature as an element in the study of man. The use of other forms of life that is in direct interaction with human life and the way they assist in maintaining and assisting man’s overall well being. Consider the use of the Cordyceps sinensis fungus to treat diseases and improve bodily function, or the study of plant life as food alternatives. Research is all about interconnectivity between disciplines, thus, in a similar capacity, the study of law is heavily reliant on economic factors.

This is not the end of it. When you consider that the study of any discipline is interlinked with other areas of study, then you will come to realize that the bar does not stop at economics and law. The study of economics itself takes on an element of anthropological study. The study of man and his interactions with nature are a crucial part of the entire program, and, as such, is involved in the fine print of the curriculum. When it all comes down to it, for you to master any discipline, you require at least some entry level knowledge of about a dozen other related fields of study. It sounds exhausting, but at the same time, it is just as equally fascinating.

You will find, in many cases that crime is the direct effect of economic strangulation, and thus, it is two shades short of impossible to separate the two fields of study.


Lawyers Are Out Of Control

Lawyers are everywhere and it can be successfully argued that they play much too big a part in our society. Our health care system, for instance, is collapsing on itself much because of lawyers and people who sue doctors for extravagant amounts of money. Even in the stock market, where we recently had a botched Facebook IPO, investors have sued the NASDAQ exchange and other entities trying to get money back. So many people were trying to buy Facebook stock and it got so much publicity that something went wrong and the end result is that lawyers get involved. Crazy!

Another example is the upcoming general election in the United States. Both sides have an army of lawyers waiting to pounce should they be needed in a close election. In the Bush – Kerry election, lawyers played a pivotal role in deciding the final outcome. One can honestly ask why this is happening and how it can all be stopped?

People today are very aggressive. It seems they are much more aggressive and angry than they were in years past and thus the “need” for lawyers. Since everyone is ready to sue at a moments notice, it has become a situation where you might have to employ a lawyer just to defend yourself. Our society is fractured and increasingly people are using lawyers to try to hurt others under the guise of protecting their rights. 

Of course most lawyers love it as it all means more business for them. Our law schools turn out more lawyers than ever before and in the end it all sucks money out of our economy with nothing being gained. Ultimately it is not the lawyers fault as much as it is our fault, our whole societies fault that this is happening in the first place. 

Illinois Propose a Stupid Internet Law

There are few areas that can rival the number of ill conceived and downright stupid laws as the internet.  It’s certainly fertile ground for policy makers especially when you consider that many internet laws are completely unenforceable.

So step forward the latest offering being drafted in the Illinois State Senate, to completely eradicate any form of anonymity online. The method is to force any webmaster to remove any comments posted which don’t have a recorded IP address and a verified real name attached to it.

This mindless piece of legislation is to be called Internet Posting Removal Act and just in case you think it’s a joke, the status is here – SB614. The act will provide that the webmaster shall remove any comments by an anonymous poster unless they agree to attach their names to a post and confirms their address, legal name and IP address.

This is supposed to cover forums, web sites, blogs, message boards and any other webpage where people can discuss anything. The webmaster should also provide forms and contact points where people can request such removals or verifications.

The first point that occurs when you read the bill (go and I dare you), is that those people drafting it have very little idea of how any of this technology works.  I’m sure none of them have much idea about how a proxy or VPN works – hint try this link. Or how easy it is to modify and hide your real identity. The amount of people using security software, proxies or VPNs to hide their location just so they can watch the BBC or Canadian TV in the US for instance.

How any poor webmaster is going to verify real names and addresses to every poster on their site is a complete mystery.  It’s nonsense on so many levels, but the sheer scale of what they are suggesting is hopefully the first block that means this madness will never get out of Illinois. But just in case stay vigilant because if the Internet Posting Removal Act makes it to the senate then truly anything however ridiculous is possible!

Joe Jenkins

Teaching New Winemakers

teaching winemakingTeaching is clearly one of the most important jobs that any of us have.  Be it as a parent, or as a husband, uncle or neighbor-we are all put into positions on at least a daily basis where we can teach someone something.

One thing I’ve found is that less industries are willing to have people teach the next generation of people. The wine industry isn’t like that, not at all.  Even today you see companies and high end wineries willing to bring people in during harvest, teach them how to make wine without any real reason for doing so.

If you’re interested in learning to make wine.  Here is a great resource and here is another.  As you might expect, learning to make wine is not exactly a straight forward process, far from it but really you need grapes, some yeast and then some time.

Fresh Out of Law School? Mind You Finances

As a new law grad and starting your first real job, it’s important you monitor how much you’re paying in taxes to maintain overall soud financial management.  A paycheck calculator is a great tool for doing this effectively.

The Paycheck Calculator is a convenient tool for anyone struggling to estimate taxes. These calculators can be found online and act as a guide for people unsure of what action to take when making calculations. These calculations are accurate when correct information is place in the system and they save time. This product holds check information, dates and shows withholding information. The system will calculate gross pay, Gross Salary YTD and also show federal withholding.

The Paycheck tool is an important tool for business owners preparing tools and saves on bookkeeping cost. Add dependent information to the calculator along with any exemptions needing calculation and the program will give an accurate measure of paycheck deductions. The system gives directions to confusing financial tax configurations. Take the guess work out of financial calculations.

While on a job search this gadget will help a user download various information into the tool and estimate future salary on a perspective job. This is very useful when trying to decide if a position is financially good for you. Too many times a decision is made on finance without all the variables included and this can cause difficulty. In this device all financial variables can be analyzed. Use this mechanism anywhere.

This is a fast usa web service useful for so many activities that concern money. Any financial search that includes the necessity to estimate expenditures may find this resource central in making a decision. The paycheck calculator helps to estimate future expenses allowing better planning before entering a commitment that might prove hazardous to the financial stability of a family or business. With all facts in any choice is easier to make.


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