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Month: June 2012

Bankruptcy Attorneys and Debt

Many newly certified attorneys choose to practice in the field of personal bankruptcy.  This is a niche of law that is perpetually in high demand.  It can be a fairly broad area, however, and requires a far-reaching spectrum of expertise that can be challenging for inexperienced attorneys.  Many times, when meeting with a prospective client it is necessary to refer them to a credit card calculator to determine with certainty whether their debt load is in fact insurmountable.

When you use a credit card calculator, you can determine how much those credit card purchases are really costing you. Many people spend freely on their credit cards any time they want or need something but do not have the cash to pay for it immediately. They think that by paying the minimum balance on their bill every month, they are staying ahead of the payments and maintaining a healthy credit history. This is not always true, especially if you have a credit card with a high interest rate. Calculators can show you how much your purchases are actually costing you, and how long it will take you to pay off your entire balance. The results can be shocking.

Many online calculators will give you step by step instructions. You will be asked to enter information about your credit card, including your balance, the amount of your monthly payment, and the amount of interest you pay. You might not even know what your interest rate is, so be sure to dig out a past statement or check your account online to find it, using a residential VPN such as this can help too. Once you plug in the proper numbers, take a look at how quickly a $1,000 balance can turn into twice that much, or even more. You can also get information on how long you will be paying off that balance, if you continue making the monthly payment you presently make.

Use this information to your advantage by making some changes. Once you get an assessment from your credit card calculator, start taking steps to pay the balance off quicker. Increase the amount you pay every month, and stop using the credit card for every day purchases, such as gas and groceries. If your interest rate is outrageous, give the credit card company a call and see if you can negotiate a lower rate. They are often willing to work with good customers because they know you have other options.

Another good way to use these calculators is to compare different credit card offers. Perhaps you have decided to open a credit card, and you are unsure of which card will be to your greatest benefits. Many credit card companies will have a place on their website where you can compare their card with other offers. This can help you responsibly choose a credit card with the lowest interest rate and most favorable repayment terms.

Take advantage of any online credit card calculator you can find. It might serve as a huge wake up call to you if you use your credit without thinking about how it impacts your long term financial health. Take the information to pay off your debt quickly, and put yourself in a great financial position.

SEO and Legal Issues

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is basically the art (or should that be science) of trying to get your web site or blog ranking high in the search engines.  Unfortunately it is also one of the biggest causes of spam that exists on the internet.  As anyone who has run or owned a website or blogs knows, it won’t be long before you are bombarded with made up comments and posts containing lots of links back to various websites.  In many cases these sites will be adult or pharmacy related.  The reason for these is that the search engines value a link back to a specific website and will rank it more highly based on the number a site has.  In general these dubious web promotion tactics are dubbed – ’black hat SEO’.

But are ’black hat’ SEO practices actually illegal or just unprofessional.  In the majority of cases there are few legal issues involved in SEO practices whether good or bad.  It has been proven however in many courts that repeated spamming of a website could be classed as ’digital trespass’ in that these comments are being submitted without permission and can cause a web site damage or to run more slowly.  In fact if some damage can be proven then there is the possibility to sue under ’trespass to chattels’.  Unfortunately in the vast majority of cases these legal options are fairly pointless.  They are difficult to prove and the culprits could be from anywhere across the world and almost impossible to track down.

If you are trying to practice SEO for your own sites then it’s worth checking out responsible SEO sites  not only will you learn techniques that work but you’ll also be able to stay clear of the various black hat techniques.  There are tools which you can protect yourself when testing and evaluating methods – most SEO professional use tools which allow you to change you IP address online like this.

Google for instance has been targeting highly optimised sites in certain changes to their search algorithm, these are making black hat techniques not only ineffective but in many cases damaging to your website.  Although there are few legal issues to some of the more dubious SEO practices, in reality they are less likely to work.

The only safe places to use these techniques currently, and this may change in the future is on powerful authority sites like Squidoo and Youtube. You can promote these much more aggressively, boosting videos on YouTube

Privacy and Security Issues with Internet Surveillance

It’s pretty fair in saying that throughout the world the laws regarding technology and computers are pretty confused.  Even if you look at something like using computer based evidence in trials then we are increasingly finding situations where our current statutes simply don’t work in many circumstances.  In the United Kingdom this particular problem has been covered by something called the Computer Misuse Act 1990 which is probably one of the most comprehensive acts regarding technology.

The internet is of course a huge problem for Governments for a variety of reasons.  Most democratic nations wish to encourage free speech of course, yet they are also worried about how criminals and terrorists utlise technology to communicate and organise. This has led to a series of initiatives across the world designed to give security services more powers to monitor and track what everyone does online. Legally this causes huge problems with rights to privacy and personal freedom however it fails on another more simple level too.

For example in the UK they are implementing plans to allow certain organisations to access data on virtually all areas of electronic communication.  From web browsing, Social networking, emails to SMS message on mobile phones everything will be stored and available to the police and other approved departments.  The primary goal is to catch criminals and terorrists but of course they want to monitor everyone to achieve this.  Herein lies the flaw, the technology exists to opt out of this monitoring – if you take a look at security and technology websites like –  you’ll see loads of advice about software and techniques that allow you to hide your surfing and data.  Anyone who is really up to no good is going to utlise these systems and the result will be that the Government will be simply monitoring the innocent who have nothing to hide and the criminals who don’t know how to use this technology.

Losing our privacy seems a high price to pay for such an ineffectual monitoring system.  The risks to storing and utlising this much personal data are huge.

Wine Laws

Usually when we talk about wine it involves shipping laws from state to state and how those laws affect wine gifts delivered straight to your home or to a family member of friend.

Given those regulations it is surprising that when it comes to actually making wine, there really are not many rules at all.

To me, that is incredibly surprising on a few levels, but not the least because politiians and teetotalers tend to love to have control over alcohol.  It’s probably only a matter of time!

Pass Your Law School Exams with an iPhone App

When the Harvard Law School alumni came up with the idea of creating a comprehensive California bar exam review course called BarMax CA, skeptics scoffed at this concept saying that it would not work. However, years later, BarMax has become one of the most sought after and talked courses. It is also reported that BarMax has an overall pass rate of 71 percent as compared to its counterparts in CA. Provided you have your iphone, if not you can win an iphone here, it is possible to pass your law school exams in an interesting and less strenuous way. The course is designed in such a way that it has over 50 hours of audio lectures from prominent Harvard Law School professors and it takes two months.

People that have used BarMax say that they are impressed with unlimited live phone support as well as email support. This means that in case you have any questions, concerns or problems, you can always contact the Harvard Law School alumni. It is also essential to mention that there are over 1000 MBE questions, over 100 practice essays and over 30 performance tests. All these services are being offered to ensure that you have the best experience during revision and that you ace the best scores possible.

If others have used this iphone app to make it in their law school exams, you are no exception. You need to take advantage of BarMax because it allows you an instant access to all the relevant course materials that you will need not only for your exams but also for your future practice and endeavors as a lawyer. In fact someone once said that you are holding your future in law in your iphone. The world is changing and if you do not adjust to it, you could become irrelevant.

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